Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

01 October 2022

October is a breast cancer awareness month and in advocating for its awareness, different organisations in Bethal/Emzinoni held an awareness campaign on Saturday, 29 October 2022.

Bethal SAPS Men for Change and Women’s Network in partnership with Indawo Yosizo Foundation, PSASA, Philasande NGO and Department of Health with other stakeholders hosted netball tournament with the aim of coming together to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer, promote education, support patients and survivors of breast cancer as well as fighting breast cancer through sports.

The teams that participated in the breast cancer awareness tournament are:

– Fire Storms

– Highlanders

– Puzzles

– Glam Squad 

– Emzinoni Future Stars

– Killers

Before the commencement of the tournament, the community and all the players were educated about breast cancer.

The controllable and uncontrollable risk factors were outlined and discussed. 

It was mentioned that the exact cause of breast cancer still remains unknown and that breast cancer risk is higher among women whose first-degree blood relatives have this disease. 

Furthermore, preventative measures were explained.

Studies showed that a healthy diet with a variety of foods that include lots of fruits, vegetables, choosing whole grain foods, limiting alcohol consumption and meats that are high in fat and avoiding smoking can help in preventing breast cancer. 

The following signs and symptoms were also discussed:

– Swelling of all or part of the breast

– Skin changes like dimpling, scaling, redness or thickening

– Nipple pain or change in how the nipple looks

– Abnormal nipple discharge

– A lump in the underarm area

– Rarely breast pain

The Community was encouraged to perform breast cancer self-awareness and examination to get the necessary exams and check-ups done regularly especially in those who have a family history or relatives with breast cancer. 

Members from PSASA conducted stop and talk as well as on-site HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing on teenagers. 

Two teams, namely: Puzzles and Glam Squad faced each other in the final and Puzzles were the champions of the tournament where Miss Zanele Gwebu, founder of Indawo Yosizo Foundation with Sergeant Thomas Mogadime handed over the prizes to the winning teams. 

Sergeant Thomas Mogadime, spokesperson of Bethal SAPS thanked all the team players with their managers as well as the sponsors for making the day and tournament a success.