Byline: Andani Matumba

22 August 2022

The non-removal of waste, leaking pipes and lack of maintenance are the major issues affecting the residents of Tsalanang flats in Embalenhle (Ext 8).

The entrance area as well as walking paths at Tsalanang hostels in Embalenhle were filled with clean running water, meanwhile the residents of the hostels did not have access to clean running water.

These are the issues which were a contributory factor to the ever-rising water bill of the municipality with Rand Water meanwhile some parts of the municipality go for weeks with out access to clean water.

Although the supply of water is still an issue for some units the said problem has since been fixed by the municipality after they sent their technical team to fix the leaking pipes.

This followed after the municipality had denied having the authority to fix the water and electricity issues within the said resident.

Executive Mayor of GMM, Cllr Nhlakanipho Zuma had said that it is not the prerogative of the municipality to fix problems within Tsalanang since Govan Mbeki Housing Company has been appointed to administer and maintain the hostel units.

Seskhona Media contacted Govan Mbeki Housing company to get clarification on their mandate and role which they play during the allocation of social housing.

According to GMHC, their main role is to allocate the units to applicants, collection of rent and the maintenance of the Units.

“Govan Mbeki Municipality is still the owner of the Tsalanang Hostels and are responsible for the maintenance of the external water pipeline as well as the electricity line, our role is limited to the units.”

Since the last visit in June 2022, Sekhona Media visited Tsalanang to check the developments around the water issue.

The residents of Tsalanang profusely deny the allegations made by GMHC and stressed that they no longer want any services from GMHC.

The municipality’s technical team has since been able to repair the leaking pipes after analysis of the impact of wasted water.

Despite the pulling and pushing between GMHC and the municipality, the residents of Tsalanang have taken it upon themselves to care for their premises and remove the waste from the entrance of Tsalanang.

A man whose name was mentioned at the meeting of the residents held on but whose identity we shall protect as a newspaper is said to be assisting the residents with daily refuse disposal and the residents appreciate the work he has been doing at his own accord without any form of remuneration.

Those who reside within the premises of Tsalanang flats are urged to contribute R10 to R20 per unit every month so that the said man could be rewarded accordingly.