GMM councillors contradicted themselves during the Budget Consultation Meeting held in Leandra on Thursday, 18 April.

The meeting started well at Difa Nkosi Hall and residents paid attention until the questions session.

One of the resident wanted to know what happened to the money which was supposed to build another clinic in Leandra and was channeled to sewer project.

GMM General Manager, Mr Bheki Kubheka said people were given wrong information because the municipality is not responsible for the building of a new clinic.

He dismissed the allegations as untrue.

Residents got angry and referred to the previous meetings where they were informed of the clinic money being channeled to the sewer project.

Residents refused to cooperate and the meeting was finally disrupted.

At the RDP Hall residents raised the same issue, including the halted school building project.

They blamed the councillors of not telling the truth and being incompetent by appointing a company to build the school at the wrong land.

They said other areas like Kinross and eMbalenhle are well taken care of, but Leandra is neglected.

Residents also raised the issue of the mines surrounding GMM which they do not benefit from, because of the demarcations.

At the RDP Hall residents blamed all the Leandra councillors of not taking the interest of their area at heart.