Byline: Thendo Funyufunyu

30 April 2024

As part of demonstrating Sasol’s continued commitment to the development of people through sport, Sasol handed over basketball equipment to the Mpumalanga Basketball Association on Thursday, 25 April 2024, at Sasol Secunda Charlie 1.

In an effort to increase the number of young athletes in the Govan Mbeki Municipality, Nomia Machebe welcomed all members of the Mpumalanga Basketball Association who showed up for the first ever Sasol basketball sponsorship at the regional level.

According to Mashudu Ndou, Sasol has been a national basketball sponsor. However, it’s wonderful that they have launched a new initiative at the regional level to sponsor basketball; as a result, they currently sponsor 27 sports codes in the Govan Mbeki Municipality.

“The majority of leaders possess strong leadership qualities not due to their academic background, but rather their involvement in sports,” Mashudu Ndou stated, highlighting the idea that Sasol need to begin awarding medals on young athletes in different sports to instill a sense of pride in them.

Mxolisi Masina, a member of the Mpumalanga Basketball Association, expressed his sincere gratitude to Sasol for the fantastic work that the company is doing in the community and improving the lives of young children from rural areas through sport. Masina also mentioned that Sasol’s support will enable them to compete against other provinces and guaranteed first place in every game they play.