The South African Youth Council (SAYC) Chairperson in the Mpumalanga Province, Mr Sam Masango said youth unemployment is like a listeriosis outbreak that needs serious intervention.
SAYC had a media briefing at Emalahleni last weekend after their two days Provincial Executive Committee meeting which took place on 17-18 March.
Mr Masango further mentioned that young people continue to suffer unemployment and failure to fit in the business sector due to arrogance of the private sector and government programs which continues to exploit them.
He also criticized the Labour Minister, Ms Mildred Oliphant of failing to assist young people in their fight against unemployment.
“What is it that the department of labour is doing?
“When you look at the statistics South Africa, one can see that something needs to be done about youth unemployment,” added Mr Masango further mentioning that according to him, Ms Oliphant should be removed from being minister of labour.
Mr Masango also mentioned that SAYC took a decision that EPWP programs is another form of slavery and as such should be turned into permanent positions.
He also slammed the issue of young people who are asked to volunteer in different departments.
SAYC also called for the president to appoint a minister of youth, who will focus on issues affecting young people only.

The PEC said they aim to speed up the process of engaging the NYDA to come up with integrated program of actions.
Some of the resolutions include visiting the mining houses within the province to ensure that young people are considered for employment and they also benefit in the procurement processes.
Mr Masango added that SAYC is not a political party, but a voice for the youth of the country and therefore urged young people to take part.