1 March 2018

By Hameema Mdala (Fellow Learner)

GERT SIBANDE DISTRICT – Most school toilets have become a no-go area for many learners within our district because they are dirty and are mostly occupied by bullies.

Most of these toilets are even worse than overcrowded prisons.

Many school toilets do not even have toilet papers or handwashing facilities

I engaged learners from different schools and some of them mentioned that they have one mobile toilet in their school.
“We all have to queue to use the toilet”, said one of the learners.

The government did provide all schools with ablution facilities but are blocked, making them unusable.

Most toilets have become a health hazard for learners, no wonder most of them get sick now and again.
Learners end up avoiding the usage of the toilets and relieve themselves in bushes and around the school buildings or behind the classrooms.

Parents should be concerned about the condition of these toilets.

I urge them to advise their children to take care of their school toilets.
During my engagement with other learners, we all agreed that it is us learners who mess up the toilets and it is we who can also change how they look by being disciplined.

I urge parents to intervene because bad behaviour starts at home and gets taken to school.

According to me, the behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.