Kinross residents attended the Ward Councillor, Ms Rose Nkabinde meeting in numbers on Tuesday, 20 February. The purpose of the meeting was to give feedback to the community on service delivery issues.


Residents refused to listen to some of the reason for the delay on issues like flushing toilets, RDPs and access to basic services in Marikina. Some residents told Cllr Nkabinde to step down, accusing her of failing to service them and also not giving them feedback regularly.  PR Councillor Dan Nhlapo was booed while trying to respond to some of the questions by residents. Residents accused the ward councillor of not consulting them for the ward committee member’s elections and the CFO was said to have appointed by the councillor herself.


They also mocked the ANC councillors that they only know them during the voting time.

Cllr Nkabinde responded that ward committee members were elected by the residents themselves and the CFO was appointed by the contractor of the project. Cllr Nhlapo said there is a company appointed to make sure that stands are in order, so that they cans tart with the process of providing services.

“kusele kancane ukuthi singene endumiswen” said Cllr Dan Nhlapo who also encouraged them to register to vote.


Representatives from the office of the speaker, Ms khosi Jezile requested the ward committee members to move forward so that people can see them.

Only four of them were available and people said they did not elect them. Ms Jezile said it was obvious that ward 16 has problems and some of them regards the ward committees.

She promised to give feedback to the office of the speaker regarding the meeting