The event was attended by people from different provinces and also graced by the presence of the Executive Mayor of Govan Mbeki Municipality, Ms Flora Maboa-Boltman, who gave a powerful speech about patriachy.

Some of the speakers had people cry tears when they shared their real life stories.

The mayor spoke about patriarchal issues faced by women on a daily basis. During her speech she mentioned that keeping quite and putting in a smile can sometimes solve problems.

As women in leadership, we come across difficulties everyday but wise women always find a way where there is no way. “Out of crisis, see Christ.

“In darkness, see a silver lining that will lead you to see the light,” said the mayor. She further mentioned that today at least women fight for equality, in the past they fought for just an entrance into the work place and also in leadership roles.

The mayor said women should be like Abigail from the bible who was intelligent enough and acted with discretion.

She gave an example of one powerful woman who is a politician. She mentioned that Ms Zanele Magwaza-Msibi experienced patriarchal challenges during her political career.

Her reason for using the NFP leader as an example was because she did not want to be identified as advocating for
certain individuals within her party, especially during this time of election campaigns.

In her closure, she urged women not to pull each other down, but empower each other. “You should know that if you speak bad about a person who is not a real leader, that person will be permanently destroyed. “I encourage women leaders to stay strong in all situations,” said the mayor who further explained that today women are destryoying each other drastically.

Ms Noxolo Khahlana, who is also a businesswoman, gave a moving testimony and the audience stood on their feet as she spoke about her living God.

Dr Khosi Dlamini’s testimony about her own life journey was both empowering and educational. Most women took out tissues from their handbags and cried as she spoke.
Ms Patricia Zitha represented artists, Ms Thembi Msibi (Department of Justice and
Constitutional Development) had people laugh their stomachs out when she used her Zulu
(Newcastle accent) language. Ms Thandeka Deliswa also encouraged women not to give up in life.

She further mentioned that every time she failed in her life, there was always someone who believed in her and that was the reason she kept on rising up until where she is currently.