Four artists from the Embalenhle Alliance Community Church‭ (‬EACC)will be launching their individual albums on Saturday 27‭ ‬July‭. ‬

The evening is set to be a night of praise and worship‭.‬

Prudence Mahlangu‭: ‬Throne Of Grace

I started singing at young age and it had always been my dream to sing and worship the Lord‭. ‬

When I came to the Alliance Church‭, ‬I was given the platform to do exactly that‭. ‬

The title of my album Throne Of Grace‭: ‬I felt like this was the right title because I have been through a lot as a young woman but through the grace of God I was able to overcome obstacles and because of that‭, ‬I shall honour the Lord through music”‭.‬

Vusi Mtsweni‭: ‬Kings Dominion

“I already had a music background in 2012‭ ‬when I joined our church‭, ‬but when I got here I was groomed by our music director and producer‭, ‬Pastor Mziyako‭. ‬

That is when I realised I was good‭. ‬

So‭, ‬it came as a shock when we were informed about launching our own albums‭, ‬because none of us was ready but we took the challenge‭. ‬

I decided to call my album‭ ‬‘Kings Dominion’‭ ‬because a lot of negative stuff had happened in my life but God’s upper hand was dominant and also to those close to me‭.‬

I sing gospel music because I want souls to be saved”‭.‬

Marcia Moholosi‭: ‬More Than Enough

“The name of my album is titled More Than Enough‭, ‬I could not have found a better title than this one‭. ‬

The good Lord has been so good to me‭, ‬from surviving near death experiences to seeing my children in and out of hospitals‭, ‬but the Lord’s love and mercy was more than enough to see me through all these traumatic experiences‭. ‬

I sing to give people hope‭, ‬that God’s love is sufficient to see you through in whatever life throws at you”‭.‬

Ntebo Nkosi‭: ‬Beauty Of The Cross

If one can listen closely to all my eleven songs‭, ‬the lyrics are taken from the Bible because when I was busy with the album I was not sure what to write about lyrically but I ended up writing about the beauty of the God’s word‭. ‬

When you trust and believe in the word of the Lord‭, ‬you can never go wrong‭.‬

The four artists say that without Pastor Mziyako‭ , ‬they would not have made it this far‭. ‬They are young and upcoming gospel artists but they believe that their music can reach and heal a large number of people‭.‬

The CD launch will be held on the 27th June at Embalenhle Alliance Community Church‭, ‬doors will open at 5PM while the show is expected to start at 6PM‭. ‬People wishing to buy tickets can contact 081‭ ‬447‭ ‬1520‭ ‬or 076‭ ‬366‭ ‬5709‭.‬