Not everyone fold arms and watch as the community members make it a habit to throw rubbish everywhere.

Mr Phindile Sibande who is a resident of Embalenhle took it upon himself to keep the area in which he lives clean.

“People do not care anymore and some of them get sick because of polluted environment. I decided to take it upon myself to clean the illegal dumping sites and keep my area clean,” said Mr Sibande who is also a teacher by profession.

After cleaning the area, he protect it with used tyres to prevent further dumping.

He further mentioned that he would like to see the cleaned areas being used children and elderly people as parks.

“It takes one person to change a country,” he quotes.

While he was cleaning different spots, he came across some of the drains blocked by the rubbish making it difficult for the water to flow.

Mr Sibande do not always work alone, but is sometimes assisted by the local youth.

He said some of the people within his area find it difficult to just throw rubbish everywhere because of him.

“I instruct them to put it in plastics for the rubbish trucks to collect.”

Should you wish to assist him either with tools, protective gears and many other ways, you can contact Seskhona Media offices and we will provide you with his contacts.