Byline: Nhlambo Nonjabuliso

15 March 2024

Ms Mngomezulu, 65, died at her employer’s residential place in Secunda after allegedly being attacked by six dogs on Saturday, 02 March 2024. Mngomezulu had reportedly been hired as a domestic worker for more than 14 years.

Mngomezulus lifeless body was then taken to the mortuary from her employer’s residence without informing the family.

According to her family, they tried several times to reach her on her cell phone since the day of the incident, but it rang unanswered throughout the weekend. The family blames the employers for not informing them sooner, as they knew her residential place and, moreover, she had her cell phone.

I was called on Monday by the police whilst at work and told my sister had passed on after being attacked by dogs. As a family, we were further told that there is no case that we can open as the video footage showed my sister provoked the dogs, said Ms Mngomezulus sister.

The family alleges that there were disputes between Mngomezulu and her employers before the incident regarding salary payments, which were due to her and other petty issues.

A preliminary investigation by the police suggested that Ms Mngomezulu was allegedly attacked by about six dogs at a time when her employers were not at home; however, the probe is still ongoing and nothing has been concluded.

Community members and other political parties gathered with the Mngomezulu residents on Tuesday, 12 March to sympathize with the family  

As the community, we want to see if the South African justice system works. We plead with the saps to start investigating the first respondent investigators in this case because there is no way that one can be attacked by dogs, and then they conclude instantly that there is no evidence. Justice must prevail, said Mr Esau Tshabalala, who is a community member in Ward 29.