Embalenhle police arrested six alleged gang members on Thursday, 14 May 2020.

The suspects were arrested after community members took the law into their hands and hunted for them.

On Thursday morning, residents from Ext 14 and 18 decided to hunt the gang members who were terrorising the community.

They did manage to get some of the gang members and a shack which was used to hide them was burnt in Ext 20 before they proceeded to Ext 17.

When the community arrive at Ext 17, the fight ensued between community members and the arrested suspects.

The arrested suspects fired gun shots at the community members who were smashing the windows of the house and a shack.

One of the community members was said to have injured on his hand during the fight.

The police were already summoned and managed to protect the suspects from the angry community members who wanted to take law into their own hands.

Six suspects were arrested and the police had to use rubber bullets to disperse the community members.

After the police had left the scene, community members went back and burnt the RDP house and a shack where alleged gang members were hiding in.

According to some of the community members, the problem started last week when gang members assaulted innocent people who were found walking the streets.

An elderly woman was also said to have been assaulted yesterday.

Another businessman was also assaulted and gang members took all his money.

Allegations of the elderly woman who died after being assaulted by gang members are not yet confirmed.