Byline: Andani Matumba

05 April 2022

The Ignition Table presents “Men Redefined”, a male centered event focused on empowering men in various aspects of their lives which will be taking place on 23 April 2022 at the Grillroom and Sushi Bar in Brooklyn, Pretoria.

This follows after its successful launch which took place on 22 January 2022 which was themed “Unleashing Greatness in Men”.

Mr. Matodzi Magodi, founder of The Ignition Table addressing attendees at the previous event themed “Unleashing greatness in men”.

Mr Matodzi Magodi, founder of The Ignition Table said he works with the advisory team of four whom he engages and deliberates with on how to move the organization forward.

According to Magodi, the thought was ignited by numerous issues that are pertaining to men ranging from suicides, men raping women, men abusing women and children, including many other issues that our country is facing in the name of MEN.

“Understanding how difficult it is for men to open up about their challenges, I came up with a concept to create a social and receptive platform to be able to lure them in so that these issues can be addressed whilst upholding their pride and dignity and offering them even more like a great lifestyle and networking”, said Magodi with pride in the initiative.

Members of The Ignition Table at Davinci Hotel and Suits Penthouse during the “Unleashing Greatness in Men” event which took place on 22 January 2022

The organisation will be hosting a minimum of four lifestyle events a year including the main event which shall be hosted towards the end of the year, which will be intriguing and dive into the details of social aspects which affect men and shall be addressed by professionals.

In his statement, Mr Magodi said, “The Ignition Table is not agreeing nor disagreeing that men are the instigators, but we are saying let us engage with them and work on better solutions to position men’s thinking towards the right direction so that they can make it conducive to live with”.

“I have seen lots of men facing challenges with little or no support at all, added Magodi with concern.

He further stated that men, whether as abusers or as victims, need support as they both have challenges.

“Let’s heal the world one step at a time.”

Mr Magodi concluded by saying that The Ignition Table hopes to create better men, better husbands, better brothers, and better businessmen.

For more information regarding the event, contact Mr Magodi on the following:

Cell: 063 100 4129 or Email: