Byline: Andani Matumba

22 March 2022

During his visit to Leandra on Tuesday, 22 March 2022, the MEC of Human Settlement, Mpumalanga, Mr Speedy Mashilo announced that the construction on Mr Mlanageni’s house was almost complete.

The MEC also led his entourage to the Mlangeni home and upon arrival, the contractors were seen to be finalizing the roofing.

This was after the Executive Mayor of Govan Mbeki Municipality, Cllr Nhlakanipho Zuma had visited the Mlangeni family in Leslie, last year, 08 October 2021 and made a promise that Department of Human Settlement in Mpumalanga will build a house for the Mlangeni Family.

The Mlangeni Family had lost all their furniture and belongings due to a tragic fire in 2016.

According to the MEC, Mr Mlangeni was given a stand by the Department of Human Settlement through the municipality and he could not build for himself whilst his expectation was to receive a RDP house.

Mr Mlangeni never gave up on the course of having a better house for his family and kept on knocking at the municipality, especially after the RDP house that was supposed to be built for him a long time ago was said to have been built in the wrong stand.

After the Executive Mayor’s announcement, the house was built to a foundation phase and the XJR constructors were said to have experienced some problems but Mr Mlangeni did not give up on making follow-ups to ensure that it is completed.

“We are currently trying to put together funders to assist us so that we can hand the house over properly after it has been fully furnished for Baba Mlanageni and his family,” said Mr Mashilo.

Mr Mlangeni is ecstatic because the wait is over.

“Winter is coming, but this year it will be different because we will be living in our new house.

This project took longer than expected, however at this stage I am just glad that the wait is over and the Mayor fulfilled his promise,” added Mlangeni.