A great grandmother is forced to share her old age grant with three great grandchildren while the children’s mother refuses to apply for identity document.
The mother was said to have been born and raised at Holfontein farms near Trichardt and her mother died when she was still young.
She was then raised by her aunt who asked her to go and apply for identity document several times, but she refused.
Her two children do not have birth certificates. The 8-year-old do not attend school because of no birth certificate.

The aunt tried to help the two children get birth certificates, but the Home Affairs wants the legal mother to apply for them.
“I cry everyday when the 8-year-old request to go to school. Sometimes he goes to school and watch others playing through the fence during break time,” said the aunt who do not know what to do anymore.
One of the neighbours called for the government to arrest the mother because she is infringing the children’s right to education.
“Her children do not even get a grant and they are supported by their great grandmother,” added the neighbour who also mentioned that the woman stays with her boyfriend and do not even bother to know whether her children have food or clothes.