Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

02 December 2022

During the Vukta Annual General Meeting which was held at Lilian Ngoyi Center on Friday, 24 November 2022, two women were awarded in the categories for Best Taxi Operator and Best Taxi Owner.

Mrs Nancy Madonsela who received the award for the Best Taxi Owner for the 2022 said she started her taxi business from the beginning without any inherence or financial assistance when she first entered the taxi industry.

“I bought the very first taxi myself without depending on anyone for assistance after I have realised that there is prospects for success in the taxi business.

I was motivated by the fact that I wanted to be self-employed and not depend on anyone for a job.

She stated further that the education of her children was funded by the taxi business including the daily maintenance of her household.

Her children have also joined the taxi business with the hope of strengthening the family business.

Mrs Claudia Khumala was one out of the six drivers who were awarded for the Best Driver of the Year 2022.

Mrs Khumalo said she was grateful for the award because her journey was not an easy, more especially after the death of her husband and she was left to care for the children all by herself.

When she the taxi industry in 2006, Ms Khumalo said her youngest child was still in dippers and she would sometimes go to work with the child and ask female passengers to watch over her child and that she would change the baby’s pampers only when she gets to a garage that has toilets.

“Every time I came out of the toilets to change my child, I would sing praise to the Lord because there is no single male taxi owner or driver who has ever approached me and reprimanded me for driving with a baby.

“I joined Vukanini after the passing of my husband because I had to take care of our children.

That is when I gathered the courage and worked as a driver. I even grew from strength to strength ensuring and giving home to my children that and the end of the day, I will come back to them without a single scratch.

She further stated that she got to where she is today through hard work and dedication because she had a vision and which she had to stick to.

“I used to fight for what I wanted at work and some drivers would even tease saying that I have a gun in my pocket”, she said jokingly describing the extent of her seriousness when it comes to her job of being a taxi driver.

The ladies thanked the Chairman of Vukta, Mr Fanayana Sibanyoni for his undying support as well as the committee which is reliable at all times.