Refeloe Letsoisa

28 December 2022

Following heavy winds and rain, families were left homeless after celebrating a jolly Christmas day at Mooivlei between Davel and Hendrina.  

It is alleged that on Sunday, 25 December 2022 heavy winds and rain started at around 08h00 and destroyed twenty-three (23) houses.

One hundred and ten (110) people were affected by this thunderstorm, some were admitted to hospital due to the injuries they suffered when the walls collapsed but fortunately, no lives have been lost.

Families lost their belongings such as important documents, cell phones, clothes, and foods.

The water also destroyed the furniture in their houses.

Nkanyezi Yokukhanya (NPO) managed to get help from the Ermelo Disaster Management Department through the Office of the Speaker which assisted with food supplies and mattresses.

According to Frida Mashinini, Chairperson of Nkanyezi Yokuthula, it is unfortunate that the supplies were not enough to accommodate all the households.

“The situation is bad that we could not manage to help everyone.

We plead for more donations,” said Ms Mashinini.

Mashinini further stated that people who would like to help members affected can donate food, blankets, old furniture and clothes.

(For donations, kindly contact Frida Mashinini on 072 022 2204 / 079 322 2264).