Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

23 February 2023

Three suspects who were arrested on Saturday, 21 January 2023 in eMbalenhle after a chase with the police appeared before the Evander magistrate court on Monday, 21 February 2022.

The three were arrested after a chase with police in the streets of eMbalenhle where one suspect is alleged to have been shooting at the police in public endangering the lives of civilians.

Suspect no 1 is Themba Ndlovu;

Suspect no 2 is Freddy Mathumbo; and

Suspect no 3 is Ngwenya Sibongiseni.

The suspects have all pleaded not guilty of all the charges against them.

Suspect No 3 alleged that during his arrest someone passed by him running towards the direction he was headed when police came from behind him thereby shooting him three times on the one leg and further assaulting him into admitting guilt.

The state prosecutor argued that he was shooting at the police trying to evade arrest and upon his arrest a fire arm was recovered in his position together with a money dispenser.

The three are alleged to have robbed an amount of R136 500.00.

Meanwhile the other two allege they were also arrested taking a walk in the streets of eMbalenhle.

All three accused reside in Witbank.

During their formal bail hearing they stated that they all have families that depend on them and they are not flight risk.

The State argued all three are a danger to society and to the witnesses.

Accused no 1 and 3 were given free bail stating that their proof of residents are known to the court therefore they wont evade trial meanwhile accused no 2 to was denied bail and kept in custody on basis that he has previous theft cases where he evaded trial in Witbank court.