Bethal police are looking for the family of an unknown man who was found dead in the field between Bethal and Trichardt N17 Road on Friday, 21 May 2021.

The body was seen by a passer-by who thought the person was just sleeping at the field and when he tried to wake him up, he never responded.

He alerted the police who immediately attended to the matter.

On arrival at the scene, police found the lifeless body of a man who was wearing a blue overall top.

A white cap and shoes were found few meters from the deceased.

Paramedics from ER24 were summoned to the scene where the body was certified dead, and the body was taken to Bethal government mortuary.

The police request anyone with information or knows the family of the deceased or the family with a lost person to contact Detective Andreas Strydom on 0608022876 or Mr Bakkie Jele on 0731363652.