Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

19 January 2023

Members of the crime prevention unit in Bethal arrested three men for possession of substances suspected to be drugs.

The arrest of the suspects was effected during the foot-patrol operation near Kerk Street in Bethal, which aimed at effecting law enforcement and preventing and deterring crime within their policing precinct.

During the operation, members spotted the suspects at different spots on the same street, stopped, and requested to conduct a search on them.

Permission was granted to the officers, and upon searching the suspects, the police found different types of substances suspected to be drugs in their possessions.

The police officers then seized the substances and arrested them.

According to the information obtained from the suspects by the police, the substances are well known in the area, and they comprise Mandrax, Rock, Crystal Meth, and Nyaope.

During the search and seizure, the police seized 95 pieces of rock drug wrapped in different wraps: 9 packs of Mandrax, 15 packs of Crystal Meth, and 24 packs of Nyaope wrapped in brown wrap.

The estimated street value for the drugs seized from the suspects is R5000.00.

The hard-working and dedicated crime prevention team and the entire police force at Bethal are determined, regardless of conditions and situations, to eradicate drug mules in the area and create a safer environment for all communities.

All the suspects were charged accordingly for possession of drugs and appeared before Bethal Magistrates Court on Thursday, 18 January 2024.