Byline: Andani Matumba

Thursday, 25 May 2023

Govan Mbeki Municipality Councillors from eMbalenhle are aggrieved by the misuse of graders which have been contracted for the purpose of delivering service to the residents of eMbalenhle.

This has transpired after they witnessed a grader contracted by GMM during working hours servicing a private property which belonged to a prominent business person in eMbalenhle.

According to information received by Seskhona News, the said grader was hired by the municipality for a period of 30 days to regravel and maintain the streets in eMbalenhle but was seen performing other duties beyond the mandate given by the municipality and servicing private business land.

A similar incident was also reported wherein a grader was photographed at a certain home in Marikana, Kinross during working hours.

The said grader is alleged to have parked at the female’s residence for over 3 hours while the operator was inside entertaining a female friend.

A certain councillor said he reported the matter to the Municipal Manager, Mr Eliot Maseko as well as the Speaker, Cllr Fikile Magagamela but till to date, no disciplinary action has been taken against the said employee.

According to the councillors, when they reported the matter to the relevant directories at the municipality, they were warned not to interfer with the administration of the municiplity.

However, when we contacted the Municipal Manager, Mr Maseko said that he has since given the instruction to the supply chain department to terminate the contract with the contractor with immediate effect.

He further stated that he acted immediately after receiving such a complaint from the councillors.