Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

24 October 2022

Cashbuild launched Zakhelikhaya on Tuesday, 18 October 2022 at Ekhaya Mall in Embalenhle.

Zakhelikhaya means ‘build your own home’ helps community members build new and comfortable homes for their families.

Community members can apply by sending a sms to Zakhelikhaya at 38800 or and receive the feedback within 72 working hours.

The feedback will determine if one qualifies for the application on not.

Only one requirement is needed for one to qualify which is the member should earn a salary of R3500 or more.

After qualifying, members are requested to choose between three (3) given building plan options, one with two (2) bedrooms for 50sqm and the other two with three (3) bedrooms for 80sqm and 120spm.

Zakhelikhaya in partnership with Cashbuild provide materials to help build your home, failure to provide a stand where your home will be built, Zakhelikhaya helps you find one in any province chosen by the member.

Members will also choose how long the instalments will be paid between five to twenty years.

“I advise people who had already built their homes to choose the two (2) bedroom house and later build outside rooms to rent which will provide money to help pay the instalments and also have profit,” said Nomadlozi Mngomezulu, cashier at Cashbuild.

If one has started building their own home or has their own building plan and is shortage of materials or finances, members can visit their nearest Cashbuild and get information on how much everything will cost and start applying on the same website but state the reasons of applying.

People who would like to build their own offices and business workplaces can also apply on which is still under the same business but works with a different website.