The passing of the African Community Dialogue founder, Mr Nono Alfred Maseko came as a shock to many.
He died on Sunday night of 13 May 2018 at Evander Hospital after a long illness.
Maseko played a major role within the community of Govan Mbeki Municipality through his dialogue sessions aimed at empowering the community.
He also hosted Community Awards in 2016 to recognize and encourage the good work done by individuals and organisations within the community.
His friends lodged a complain with the hospital after their not normal experience with the hospital staff during their visit to Nono Maseko on Sunday, 13 May.
They said Maseko used the Ventilator Oxygen Machine and he informed them that he was no longer getting oxygen from the machine.
“One of us approached the nurses and informed them.
“One of the nurses came and fixed something on the machine and it then worked well,” said one of the friends.
Maseko was said to have complained about the same problem again after some couple of minutes.
One of his visitors went back to the nurses again.
“I was told that the person who will come and help him was still busy with other patients, but will come and help,” added the friend who further mentioned that when the nurse finally arrived, she realised that the oxygen was finished from the machine.
The nurse was said to have then ordered one of the visitors to go and get an oxygen cylinder from another ward.
“I went there and realised that the machine was very heavy.
“I was then helped by one of my friend,” said the man.
Maseko visitors asked the nurse who was said to be a sister, how long will the oxygen cylinder last?
The nurse was said to have informed them that the hospital have a problem with the oxygen, but should the cylinder gets finished fast, the hospital will call someone on standby.
“The nurse also mentioned that the reason for her not to know how long it will last, was because it was used by someone else,” a friend continued, concerned that maybe Maseko’s death was a result of shortage of oxygen.
Maseko died the night of the same Sunday, 13 May.
Evander Hospital Management said they never received a report on the shortage of oxygen from their staff.
One of them also mentioned that when the nurse said they will call someone on standby, she was refering to her, but did not receive a call.
The Area Manager of Evander Hospital said they will investigate the complain and give a feedback after 25 working days.
They were then reminded of other cases which were put before them and the families never got a feedback from the hospital.
One of the hospital management said they always give feedback to the families.
Seskhona Newspaper Editor reminded them of last year case of which the family did not get a feedback.
The newspaper then contacted Ms Basini who lodged a complain last year about negligent on her father.
“I never received any feedback from Evander Hospital regarding my complain,” said Ms Basini who insisted that we should write her name.