During the State of the District Address (SODA) in May 2018, Executive Mayor Muzi Chirwa announced that
the District has revisited its vision and mission which would take a deliberate focus on the legislative mandate
of the District which is to support and coordinate local municipalities.
The new vision adopted was ‘A community driven District of excellence and development’ and the mission being ‘To
support and coordinate our local municipalities to provide excellent services and development’.
Over the past months the district has engaged on a number of activities aimed at supporting the local municipalities improve in their basic service delivery programmes.
These activities include the heavy fleet that the District bought which will mainly assist in the local municipalities.
The fleet includes the tipper truck, lowbed, water tanker, roller and front loader.
Road infrastructure is one of  its highest priorities.
“Our ongoing re-graveling and blading partnership with the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport
which started in the past financial year has made a significant difference in the different communities of the
District,” said the Executive Mayor declaring war on potholes and announced during the SODA that a budget
had been set aside for the procurement of the pothole patching truck to be used by our local municipalities.
On 25 October 2018, the District added to the heavy fleet the promised pothole patching truck and invited
stakeholders for a live demonstration of the pothole patching which took place in Ermelo on Oosthuise road.
This activity was another demonstration of the commitment the District has in achieving excellence in basic
service delivery.
Executive Mayor Muzi Chirwa, various leaders from the District and local municipalities were excited to
receive the pothole patching truck and took part in the pothole repair demonstration.