Byline: Kelebogile Masemola

19 July 2022

In support of this year’s International Mandela Day, Morongwa Foundation implemented their ‘PAINT 4 PURPOSE ‘ Project at the Goodhope Community Organisation in Winterveldt, Tshwane, alongside their partners Universal Paints, Kgosi Mampuru II Community Corrections and Diphetogo Foundation. 

Renovations at the orphanage have been in progress for almost eight weeks with Universal Paints donating paint, Morongwa Foundation replacing windows, Diphetogo Foundation contributing painting equipment, the Kgosi Mampuru II Community Corrections officials, probationers and paroles providing labour. 

On July 18th, the Goodhope Community Organisation was a hive of activity with government officials, business leaders, civic organisations and the community converging to finalise the painting project, erecting a food garden and cleaning the yard. 

The Kgosi Mampuru II Community Corrections team also donated non-perishable food, sanitary pads, clothes and blankets which will go a long way in restoring the dignity of the beneficiaries in this home. 

“Today marks exactly 14 months since we launched our PAINT 4 PURPOSE CAMPAIGN, and it gives us a sense of pride that we have already renovated a hospital for survivors of gender based violence, under-resourced schools and now this amazing home for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Winterveldt,” said Founder & CEO of Morongwa Foundation, Nkagare Makhudu.

Makhudu further elaborated that, the project seeks to restore hope, reunite the society and reignite the spirit of activism by refurbishing dilapidated hospitals, schools and children’s homes.  

“Goodhope Community Organisation was founded by the Iconic Mama Mary Lwate back in the 70’s and I’m one of the people who benefited from her love, care and support from the age of one year six months.

We would like to thank our esteemed guests, the leadership of Kgosi Mampuru, the Morongwa Foundation, and all the role players of our organisation for all the gifts we received and successful painting project that has been taking place for the past few weeks,”  said Busi Margaret Sithole, Chairperson of the Goodhope Community Organisation. 

Sithole said Goodhope has been struggling to obtain a title deed/lease agreement from the City of Tshwane which impacted negatively on obtaining funding from Department of Social Development which is their main Funder.

“After engaging the MMC Kingsley Wakelin for Shared and Corporate Services at City of Tshwane it was then that our plight was given attention and a letter of commitment was released to DSD,” she said.

Goodhope Community Organisation caters for 33 children who are destitute and all of them have court orders with conditions.

We have 16 care workers, a permanent social worker, two drivers and two security personnel.

All our children from the ages of 6-18 years attend school in the nearby community. 

“I have been looking after Orphaned and Vulnerable Children since 1975, some of whom are now medical doctors, advocates and more.

I call upon them to come back and pay it forward by supporting our activities,” said the multi-award winning Mama Mary Lwate, Founder of Goodhope Community Organisation.  

Mr Molefe, the Acting Area Commissioner of the Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Services summed it up well, when he acknowledged the important role played by Mme Mary Lwate in the society taking care of destitute children for 47 years, it is not an easy feat.