Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

29 August 2023

In closing of the Women’s Month, Maureen Mboshane, hosted a women arise event on Friday, 25 August 2023 at Lillian Ngoyi Centre in Secunda.  

The event aimed to educate women about current issues affecting women and to also hear from esteemed guest speakers including Nikki Gajoo-Frielinghaus, Ntsako Rikhotso and Mashudu Ndou-Ramashele.

The guest speakers had prepared presentations for the audience, which was followed by question and answer sessions.

Nikki Gajoo-Frielinghaus presented more about the finances and how women should handle their money.

“I don’t want women to end up looking at their savings accounts in between the month,” said Nikki.

Ntsako Rikhotso took over the stage with a presentation of the legal side and rights women have in marriage.

It also included the four types of marriages with the disadvantages and advantages of the marriages.     

Lastly, Mashudu Ndou touched more on ‘Women in leadership’ and ‘Women in mining’.

During the presentation, Mashudu urged the audience to learn how to be independent.

“I want to see more women leading, it is our time to shine,” said Ndou, head of community affairs.

Ending the event, Mrs Mboshane thanked everyone and urged the audience to host such events more often as it is a great opportunity to learn and gather new information.