Byline: Thendo Funyufunyu

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Seskhona newspaper joined Osizweni Primary School in eMbalenhle in the welcoming of learners to their new academic journey on Wednesday, 11 January 2023.

Osizweni Primary School is committed to creating a culture of teaching and learning where all educators teach, and all learners learn in a supportive and learning enriched environment.

As the new academic journey started on yesterday, Osizweni aims to be a learning organisation, a model school that is people centered and continually moving in the right direction also committed to achieving and supporting academic excellence through partnership with all stakeholders.

Learners from Osizweni Primary School expressed their excitement on going back to school with passion for learning and improving their cognitive behaviour in learning as well as passing their grades with excellent marks.

The parents who accompanied their children were overwhelmed to see their children going back to school without any terrible experiences from the festive season hoping that teachers and school principal will take care of their children with full responsibility on behalf of the parents and also feed them with quality and excellent education to brighten their better future.

“My first day in my new class is already amazing and I love my new teacher Mrs V Mestry.

I also love my new classmate and I want to finish school and become a dentist,” said one of the grade 1 learners.

Mrs V Mestry, a grade 1 teacher said she was happy to see new faces in her class and also excited that they are starting a year without disruption of Covid-19 with everything back to normal.

She also wished all the learners the best on their new journey throughout the year and motivated them to stay focused on their studies.