Byline: Thendo Buasi

22 September 2022

As part of its corporate social investment programme (CSI), a company from Pine Town handed over office furniture and 84 pairs of school shoes for both girls and boys at Kinross Primary School on Wednesday, 21 September 2022.

This follows after the company got a contract with Eskom and they participated on its initiative which requires companies which have been contracted to contribute a certain percentage towards supporting local.

Kinross Primary School has been a beneficiary of the company’s programme since last year 2021 where it paved the school yard after the school have experienced floods.

“On behalf of our company, we are happy to be here again this year and proud of all the organisers of CSI project has done with all the arrangement since last year when we commenced with paving and we are also excited to see all the learners happy,” said the company’s project manager.

He further thanked Eskom for this initiative because even though their company has some social investment programmes, this programme in particular is helping a lot the communities and children because Eskom is big entity.

“I have no words to thank or welcome them, am extremely excited to see them,” said the school principal.

She further stated that she was delighted about CSI programme and all the work the donor together with Eskom have done at Kinross Primary School since last year and excited to see them because she always communicated with them through email without any physical contact, fortunately through fate, they finally met  during the hand-over when the company was donating chairs, children school desk, cupboards, teacher’s desk, filing cabinet and shoes to the school.

Members of SGB in Kinross primary school expressed their gratitude and encouraged the company to also support other schools and help them where there is a dire need.