Byline: Andani Matumba

Friday, 02 May 2023

First Indigenous Nation of South Africa (FINSA) seeks restitution for the restoration of the first indigenous people to walk the soil of South Africa, who are known to be the Khoisan and Nama people.

It has lodged a civil case at the equality court, where they are seeking equal status.

According to Mr Bruno Kakora, leader of the Khoi-San people from the house of Dawid Stuurman Cape Khoi-San, since the year 1994, when democracy was founded in South Africa, the Khoi and the San people have been excluded and segregated by the South African Constitution of South Africa.

He further stated that the khoi-San people, as the indigenous people in the country, should be given first citizen status where their language is included as an official language, and they should also be formally classified as a cultural group with their own traditional leader.

“We as the Khoi-San community, which also includes what they call coloureds in this country, are frustrated and aggrieved by the fact that we are not given preference in the socio-economic sphere within the country.

Finsa has lodged a restitution case against the equality court wherein each person is claiming R4.5 Million Rand for the persisting oppression and discrimination against all so-called coloured people and we urge our people to join the movement and become part of the class that is entitled to receive compensation”. 

Mr Kakora made special reference to the Employment Equity Amendment Act which was promulgated by President Cyril Ramaphosa which seeks to redress effects of historical discrimination. 

“We are neither here nor there within the Amendment Act, we our children and spouses are not protected by this new act because we do not fall anywhere within the employment sector. 

Wherever you go within the municipality of Govan Mbeki, from retail to fast foods and government offices, you will never find coloured people anywhere,” he said.

“What is even worse is that our children are also discriminated against in schools where they do not have a right to free education. 

Most unemployed parents from the so-called coloured communities are also denied exemptions from paying school fees even though they form part of the previously disadvantaged groups,”  he said.

On 01 July 2023, Finsa will host a workshop at Kinross Sasol Club to educate the indigenous people about their rights which are preserved by originality and to complete claim forms where they will form part of the hundreds of families which have been denied their birth right. 

They call upon people from the coloured community to join the movement and restore their position within society. 

These are the people who were classified by the Populations Act of 1950.

According to Finsa leadership, The Population Act of 1950 described the San people and their desecendants as “Kleurlinge” and was repealed in 1991 by former Presdeint FW De Klerk but are still being described as such and not as African with the sole purpose of robbing them of their Rights to the Land which the the apardheid regine grouped into seven categories in the following order:

  1. Cape Coloured;
  2. Malay;
  3. Griqua;
  4. Chinese;
  5. Indian;
  6. Other Asiatic (Asia); and
  7. Other coloureds.

The event will be graced by special guests such as Mr Greg Fick.

Finsa is also currently struggling with funds to put the workshop together and pleads with business owners and members of the community who can assist with donations to make their workshop a success.

Such donations will also be used to cover travelling expences and accommodation for the speakers who will be giving more insight on the current legal status of Khoisan people and the so-called coloured community.

They also encourage atleast one person from the so-called coloured community to contribute atleast R 50-00 to Finsa which will used to fund the Equality Court Claim on behalf of the Fist Indenginous National of South Africa.

Banking details are as follows:

Name on Account: Khoisan Kingdom

Bank: Standerd Bank

Acc No: 10150196960

Branch code: 000205

For more information, kindly contact Mr Bruno E Kakora on 072 948 1652.