In an Open letter to EXECUTIVE MAYOR THANDI NGXONONO of Govan Mbeki Municipality

In the midst of a Global Pandemic, residents of Govan Mbeki has found themselves in numerous levels of uncertainty. Not only are they taking upon them a change in lifestyle or concerns due to lack of income they are now facing continues electricity interruptions.

Residents of Bethal, Emzinoni and Embalenhle has been bombarded with load shedding over the past 8 weeks. Which started as 4 hours a day has escalated to 12 hours a day without power, this after our President clearly stated no person will face load shedding during the lockdown.

Do we find ourselves in a society and political structure where an Executive Mayor of a Municipality outranks the President of the country? This is troubling, even more so I find it concerning that due to your lack of leadership and commitment to settling GMMs debt you are embarking on only short term solutions such as disconnecting illegal connections.

Should this not have fallen part of your term strategies from day one as Mayor?

Your lack of commitment to your title has left parents seeking for time to do their children’s online education, gasping for a moment to get their own work done and leaving them with no form of sure deadlines due to inconsistent load shedding.

You have managed to single handedly target thousands of households and forced them to take alternative and unorthodox measures to ensure they stay afloat.

If it was the residents that was at the mainstream of your priorities you would have been interacting with the community on available platforms instead you are busy with gerrymandering for the upcoming 2021 Local Elections.

Yet the only time we see you in the media is when you are accepting donations or launching some new project that never gets completed with funds that are nonexistent.

The time to take action was 8 weeks ago when a pandemic started and communities were left in the dark with what the future holds, and now they find this to be a literal notion too.

Step out of your luxurious car and answer the people of Govan Mbeki Municipality, follow through and take measures to rectify what you and your managers have allowed over the past 2 years. If not, do the noble thing and step down so we can appoint a Mayor with more backbone than a jellyfish. The residents deserve this.

Terry-Lee Kleynhans