Byline: Andani Matumba

15 November 2022

Cayos bloke loose at Ext 33 (Marikana) in Kinross when Govan Mbeki Unemployment Forum members invaded the project site on Monday, 14 November 2022, demanding for the contractor to cease operation and the workers to dispense from the project side until their demands have been met.

According to allegations, this followed after the forum demanded that the contractor Sipho Sezwe Trading’s headed by Mr Daniel Khumalo appoints two subcontractors from their database.

The parties could not reach an amicable solution until the contractor suggested that the forum can only give them a list of six people who will be employed as general workers.

According to project committee members, the meeting was held on a Friday in October at the project site in Kinross and the forum was only given three days to bring the six people who are ought to be appointed as general workers.

“They only showed up after the time they were given has already lapsed and the contractor had already appointed other people to fill in those positions due to the backlog of the project.

That is when they decided to come and stop the project.

We do not interfere in projects which have been awarded to develop eMbalenhle neither do we demand jobs there or contracts,” said one of the ward committee members.

Seskhona Newspaper also received a call from a source accusing Pr Councillor Daniel Khoza of the EFF of acting violently and alleging that on the day of the incident during the altercation between the forum and the steering committee he slapped a certain female across the face.

When asked about the allegations, Cllr Khoza said, the woman who was siding with the forum cursed him and slapped him across the face and kept on provoking him that is when he pushed her backwards trying to prevent her from hitting him again.

Member of the Kinross Anti unemployment Forum Vusi Mabhena alleged that Pr Councillor Daniel Khoza is interfering with the hiring process of sewer project by hiring people from Nelspruit however when asked who might the people be Vusi refused to reveal any identity.

Vusi therefore mentioned that as the Kinross Anti unemployment Forum saw it fit to ally with Govan Mbeki Unemployment forum to fight the said corruption by Cllr Daniel Khoza that has been taking place at the project site for some time. .