Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

01 December 2022

With the help of Mr Jan Grey, Duduzile Nkosi and other community members, Thulane Sindane hosted the first Spelling BEE competition for children situated at KwaDela (Davel) on Saturday, 26 November 2022 at Davel Community Hall.

The purpose of the competition was to help promote literacy by providing the children with a positive goal to work towards and give them a forum to display the fruits of their hard work.

The aim was also for the children to learn concepts, improve in comprehension and develop study skills.

Some of the children who participated on the competition attend afternoon classes taught by Thulane.

The classes include English, IsiZulu, Business Studies and Economic Management Sciences (EMS) from grade 6 to 10.

Out of thirteen (13) children who participated, Michael Calana won meanwhile Mnelisi Mndebele was awarded second position and Senzo Ganyaza took third position.

“I am very happy that I won this competition because it was difficult,” said Michael in tears of joy.

The three winners were awarded with certificates, trophies, medals and stationary.  

Parents and guardians of the children handed over a present with words of encouragement showing that they appreciate what Thulane did for their children.

I am also happy that everything went well from start till the end,” said Thulane.

Thulane Sindane aims on hosting more competitions yearly as he would like to see the learners competing on National Spelling BEE competitions.