Khanya Mqikela knelt down and pray before he faced his opponent Kagiso Tlalang during the University Sport South Africa Boxing tournament held at Embalenhle Sasol Club on 2-4 December 2019.
Mqikela who is a third year Internal Auditing student at the Walter Sisulu University showed to be well prepared for the fight.
He did not waste much time before he defeated his opponent through a knockout during the second round of the fight.
“I trained very hard since this was my first fight for the USSA.
“During the training I told my coach that I had my own plans for the fight and the only thing he need to do was to guide me throughout,” said Mqikela who further mentioned that his coach (Viwe) advised him not to underestimate his opponent.
Nqikela began his boxing career in 2004 and 2006 he focused on playing soccer until 2012.
He only went back to boxing last year.
During his interview with Seskhona Media, Mqikela dedicated the victory to his late mother.
He further acknowledged his aunt and grandmother whom he said they raised him very well, ensuring that he has everything he needs.
“When I told my aunt that I will be going to Mpumalanga with boxing, she was excited and went to buy me new clothes and a blanket,” added Mqikela
becoming more emotional when he spoke of his family, especially his mother.
He also pledged to work very hard to support his family when he finishes his diploma.
Mqikela also thanked the university, his team and the coach for the support he got during his preparations.
He concluded by saying, “I know that my mother is with me in spirit and she can see me today as I won this fight.
I sometimes use boxing as a way to communicate with her.”

Khanya Mqikela praying before his fight with Kagiso Tlalang in Embalenhle Mpumalanga.