When my mom was giving birth to me, she was told my head was too big and we both nearly did not make it.
She named me Siyabonga being thankful that we were both alive and during breastfeeding times, she would call me Snoli and it later became my name too.”
Snoli was born in Embalenhle Ext 8, but later his family moved to Kinross Ext 25 during the early 2000.
Siyabonga Makhetha AkA Snoli NM is a well-known local artists who also create his own beats.
After realizing his talent, he bought his own recording equipment.
“Now I make beats for different genres such as rappers, trap rappers and Hip-hop rappers.
I do record some of the artists in my own studio, while others only get their beats from me and go and record somewhere else,” said Snoli who also shoot and edit his own music videos, including other artists videos.
According to Snoli most of the work is produced in his studio, except for those who do not have funds to go to his studio.
“For those who cannot afford to come, I take the studio to them.
For example, in Embalenhle we use my cousin place, in Kinross we use my studio, in Evander we use my other place and Secunda we work from my friend home.”
Snoli mentioned that there are times were they get too busy and spend up to two days not sleeping.
Even though he prefers to work during the week, he sometimes find himself working on a Sunday.
Some of the challenges he was faced with on his music journey was not knowing where to start and what steps he needed to take to find his feet within the industry.
“I use my experience to help young people and give them hope that they can make it in the music industry, regardless of the battles we find ourselves in as artists,” added Snoli.
According to him, the main reason for him to focus more on the youth is to inspire them to realize their dreams.
“We promote our music on all social media platforms and there are people who are focusing on the marketing side of the business.”
Facebook page: Snoli NM