Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

14 March 2022

Inkosinami Drop-in Centre, a non-profit organization in eMbalenhle has been operating for the past 4 years offering orphan and vulnerable children daily meals and assisting them with their homework.

 The Centre was situated in Ext 17 and has recently relocated to Ext 14.

According to Ms Phindile Esther Kubeka, founder of Inkosinathi, the relocation became a challenge for most of the children that were benefiting from the Centre, as they had to now walk from Ext 17, while some even have to walk from as far as Ext 18 to go get their meals at the Centre.

“The NPO has been catering for 114 children before the outbreak of covid-19 and currently catering for 56 children from different parts of eMbalenhle including the ones who have been with the Centre from the time it was still located in Ext 17,” said Kubheka.

With concern, Kubheka further state that it is unfortunate that most of the children from Ext 17 can no longer make it to the Centre due to the distance.

Children queuing to have their daily meals after school at the drop-in center

Kubheka worries about the distance these children have to now travel to get to the Centre.

in her interview with Seskhona Media, she mentioned that her main objective is the boy child.

Accordingly, she feels that the boy child has been neglected as many organizations’ focus is on the girl child.

“Most of these children grow up lacking father figures, they grow up having so much anger in them which is the reason why I feel we still need to do more for the boy child.

To help groom them to be better versions of themselves.

At puberty stage, most boys lose self-confidence due to lack of essentials such as dignity packs.

This issue is so close to my heart,” said the child enthusiast.

The Centre has no electricity, therefore most of the food stuff she buys for feeding the children goes stale before the expected life span if it was to be placed in a fridge.

It has been operating for 3 months now in their new vicinity without electricity, which sometimes delays the meals and the children have to wait further more.

Two girls having their launch meals at Inkosinami Drop in Center

“We would appreciate if someone hears our cry and assist in the issue of fencing, building toilets and donations of jungle gyms and other play stuff for our children.

Food is also a priority.

We would also appreciate pre-loved clothes and dignity packs for the children, not forgetting the boy child in these dignity packs,’’ pleaded Kubheka”.

In her closing statement, Kubheka said, “To everyone including companies and individuals who has been supporting the organization for the past years Inkosinami appreciates, Inkosinami belongs to the community”.

For those who wish to donate or lend a helping hand kindly contact 072 863 1740.