Byline: Andani Matumba

14 March 2022

Bail was granted by the Evander Magistrate Court today, 14 March 2022,  to five accused persons who were arrested as the result of a fatal mob justice which occurred last year November in Embalenhle.

This follows after four males and one female were arrested following the mob justice which took place on 23 November 2021, in Ex 17 and leading to the murder of a male person who is alleged to have stolen a cellphone.

The accused’s were arrested by the Embalenhle police on 02 March 2022 and were charged for murder and kidnapping.

According to the mother of one of the accused’s, the police came around the 28 February 2022, and took all the people who were supposedly suspects in the said murder and they were later released that same day.

“To my surprise, the came back for my child while I was at work.

The accused’s were pointed out by the family of the victim and since it is alleged that the crime was committed by a mob, why are there no further arrests, ” added the mother with concern.

A formal bail application was made last week Friday, 11 March 2022, which was opposed by the state.

During his bail application, accused number 3 testified that he is linked to the murder because it is alleged that he is  the one who bought a cellphone from the victim.

A detective responsible for the investigation of the case testified that witnesses do not feel safe and that they will either be intimidated, influenced or threaten by the accused should bail be granted to the accused persons.

A petition was also signed by over 60 residents of Ext 17 and 18 for the release of the accused’s was submitted to the court during the said bail application which was intern noted.

The defense testified on the exceptional circumstances of each accused person to strengthen their application and managed to sway the court in its favour.

Judgement of the bail application was delivered today and  bail in the amount of R 1000-00 was granted in respect of each accused.