Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

08 Sepember 2023

On August 4, 2023, traffic officials held a road block on the R546 road near the Evander golf course all.

It is alleged that on the said date, taxis were impounded and chaos broke out when a traffic official was disarmed of their firearms by an alleged robber; furthermore, two of the traffic official’s vehicles were torched.

Mandlenkosi Jacob Khumalo, an alleged street vender at the Vukanini taxi (VUKTA) rank, was arrested on August 25, 2023, on charges of illegal discharge of a firearm, robbery with aggravating circumstances, and malicious damage to public property.

Khumalo appeared before the Evander Magistrate Court on Monday, September 6, 2023, for his formal bail application.

He was denied bail due to his previous convictions, which involve the illegal possession of a firearm, robbery with aggravating circumstances and assault GBH (gender-based violence).

He also has a pending case of truck highjacking in Standerton for which he was released on bail.

On the stand, Mandlenkosi testified that he had just been released in July of this year before his recent arrest.

The investigation officer, Captain Bila, testified under oath that the Khumalo is a danger to society, and he confirmed that by checking Khumalo’s profile.

He further testified that this is because he disarmed a law official, that Khumalo was reported by some taxi drivers who are now anonymous witnesses for the state, and that his release will disrupt and endanger the lives of the witnesses.

One VUKTA member after court, when asked by the Seskhona Newspaper team if they are turning against their own, responded by saying Khumalo has no relationship with the association, therefore he is not a member of the Vukanini association.

Khumalo is due to appear again for further investigation on October 3, 2023; he was remanded in custody.