Byline:Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

16 December 2022

Leandra SAPS in conjunction with the Highveld East Aids Project Support (HEAPS) hosted a Safer Festive Season prayer at Difa Nkosi community hall on Thursday, 15 December 2022.

The purpose of the Prayer was to pray against road accidents, substance and drug abuse, peace, spiritual upliftment, youth violence and Gender Based Violence.

The community together with police and HEAPS delegates started of with a prayer walk in the streets of Leandra praying for peace and harmony during this festive season.

Calling upon all residents to keep safe during the holidays, Station Commander of the Leandra police station urged community members to keep guard of their children as they are vulnerable victims of criminals who wants to use them.

She further alerted community members on a new trend of girls who have the pressure of owning frontal weaves which she discouraged.

“As parents we need to be vigilant of what our children bring back home.

A minor child can not come back home with a pizza and you as a parent indulge as if your child is working.

We need to question all that and stand our ground on not promoting such behavior from our children because if we do not, we are sending these children to the devil himself, “said Leuctanant Colonel Khuselwa Matrose the Station commander of Leandra Police Station.

Prayer walk lead by Leandra Police Officials and HEAPS officials