Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

19 June 2022

The Leandra sports council is currently providing food parcels since 2021 to the struggling needy community that is highly ravaged by poverty, unemployment, more than 300 households have been provided since 2021 February.

The organization is a non-profit organization established on the 5th of April 2016.

It is an umbrella of all sporting codes in Leandra and surrounding farms.

It is a voice of all sporting codes and its aims is to help the government to redress this gloom and doom situation in Leandra in terms of developing sports facilities in Leandra.

The organization has been able to unite all sporting codes and is working with various stakeholders, from 2016 it had successfully hosted many events in soccer, netball, fun run , cultural dance and many more and the most benefited in terms of some kits, netball kits, balls, compensated, etc.

“Leandra sports council and its stakeholders on behalf of the entire community is hereby forwarding their gratitude thanks to the sponsor, with his generosity (name withheld for ethical reasons) for assisting to this struggling residents,” said Mr Lukhele appreciating the sponsors currently supporting the organisation.

Explaining on the impact this initiative have on the lives of the people in Leandra, Mr Lukhele said, “These food parcels had played a major positive impact to the community hence most have been blown by the unseen global pandemic and the worse most households we assisted  don’t have ID’s to even access the vanishing grant the government was trying to provide, this makes it difficult for the organization to do its reporting.

So far the food parcels has been a huge blessing to them”.

Lukhele further stated that apart from the above the renovation of the Leandra stadium is one of the prominent structures the organization has initiated and pushing towards its renovation working with the municipality to create more soccer fields for the youth to be taken away from the street and curb substance abuse, social-ills and to unlock their hidden talents to be scouted by various organization as sports nowadays is one of the major avenues in job creation.

“We kindly request some private sector, businesses, and government to assist where they can, people are really in need of food as most have to take treatment.

In some homes you feel tears rolling on your eyes due to the conditions some live in,” he pleaded.

For more information please kindly contact the chairperson of the organization Mr A Lukhele at 073 1911 803 and Ms N Sithole at 071 614 1960