Byline: Kelebogile Masemola

18 May 2022

Liquor traders are reminded to comply with the law and help confront the plague of gender-based violence.

Tshwane Liquor Traders’ spreads the message on a road trip across Pretoria raising awareness about gender-based violence and its connection to alcohol.

On Tuesday, 17 May 2022, the organisation held their first campaign at Tieho Tavern in Danhouse, Hammanskraal.

The Association’s President, Oupa Mthombeni said gender-based violence was a genuine issue in our communities and alcohol had a role in reported cases.

“As liquor traders, we have come to a conclusion to step up and involve ourselves more in solving the issue of GBV.

“Statistics show that 95% of cases that are reported have alcohol involved, and the culprits are often under the influence of alcohol,” said Mthombeni.

He said they wanted to emphasize and remind liquor traders not to sell alcohol to known culprits or underage children.

“If a liquor trader or a seller is suspicious of someone’s age, they should ask for an ID to confirm if they are of the legal age to be sold alcohol.

If they fail to produce an ID, the trader should refuse to sell them alcohol,” he said.

If they found a liquor trader not complying with the law, Mthombeni said they would involve the police.

“We are working together with the police, if we find a trader not complying, we report them and they must be disciplined”.

Thami Mogomane from the Department of Community Safety, said GBV was a huge problem in many communities and liquor traders have noticed that the abuse of alcohol contributed to the crime.

“I met the association (LTA) last month where I gave a talk at one of their campaigns, and they asked for a partnership with the department to work towards a common goal of solving issues of GBV and preventing it as well as to rehabilitate culprits,” said Mogomane.

Tieho Tavern owner, Mpho Ratshweonyane said she had been running the business for 42 years and she has always complied with the laws.

“I have always followed the rules, even way before I was a member of the association.

After joining it, Mthombeni taught us more about complying,” said Ratshweonyane.

She said the tavern does not sell alcohol to children or known perpetrators of GBV, law officers in uniform or pregnant women.