Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

22‭ ‬year old Thulane Mtsweni said it was not easy for him to see young people of Embalenhle perish through the use of substance abuse and other social ills‭. ‬

Thulane is the founder of Sekwanele Youth Empowernment Organization which is based in Embalenhle‭. ‬

According to him‭, ‬the organization currently have 8‭ ‬volunteers who share the same sentiments‭, ‬which is helping young people to have a better future‭. ‬

“We focus on young children‭, ‬especially those who are still in primary schools so that they are able to make wise life decisions‭ ‬about their future‭.‬

We talk to them about substance abuse‭, ‬bullying‭, ‬gender based violence and depression‭,‬”‭ ‬said Thulane who is also a student at GS College in Evander‭. ‬

According to Sekwanele Youth Empowernment members‭, ‬they reach young people by visiting them in schools‭, ‬churches and also arrange awareness marches‭. ‬

Thulane also mentioned that when they come across situations that needs police or social worker interventions‭, ‬they do referrals‭. ‬

In order for the organization to be sustainable‭, ‬they request for help from the community and businesses‭. ‬

Thulane said they need assistance with refreshments during their organized marches and the printing of pamphlets‭. ‬

For more information on the organisation or sponsorship contact Thulane on 081‭ ‬851‭ ‬4311