eMBALENHLE – A man contacted his mother last week Friday, 15 February and informed her he was going home to sleep, but will not wake up the following day.

The mother asked him to unpack his statement and he brushed it off and promised to phone her again when he arrives home from work.

“On his arrival, he phoned his mom crying.

“He informed her she will never see him again,” said one of the relatives.

The mother who lives in Kinross, phoned his brother to go and check on him.

His brother first noticed a car parked outside the house with the driver’s door open.

When approaching the house, all doors were locked.

His mother advised him to break the window to gain entrance.

He found his brother with the rope on his neck.

The brother immediately called his neighbours who responded and cut the rope, but was already too late.

One of the neighbours said they saw him arriving home driving at a very high speed as if someone was chasing him.

He did not leave any note to say what bothered him.