Busisiwe Mahlangu life struggles steered her into writing.
According to Busisiwe, her father passed on when she was only four months old.
Life was not easy as her unemployed mother was the only provider for the family.
“After having a conversation with my mother and listen to her struggles of raising the three of us, I was able to navigate the situation in my mind,” said Busisiwe who then turned her imaginary recollections into writing short stories.
During her growing up, Busisiwe’s mother was forced to separate the three siblings and let Busisiwe stay with her aunt.
The reason behind the separation was because her job allowed her to go back home only on weekends.
During the week, the children were left alone.
Even though her mother’s decision was influenced by the situation, for Busisiwe it was painful to be separated from her other siblings.
In a nutshell, Busisiwe uses her own personal experiences and of those around her to tell stories.
In 2016 she joined the local artists group and was the only female by then.
She recruited others to join the group and showcase their talents.
Later on the formed groups parted ways due to not having the older person to mentor them as a youth.
Her strong personality saw her not giving up on her dream to become a successful poetry and story writer.
Busisiwe managed to pass her Grade 12, but is currently not registered in any institution since she is trying to get information on which career she can take to become a book writer.
While she is still waiting to further her studies, Busisiwe would like get help on how to publish her short stories.
“I try and google information on publishing stories, but sometimes run out of data,” Busisiwe added.
Not having access to a computer at home, also hampers her from finishing the stories on time. Getting advises from other successful writers will also be a good start for her.

Those who would like to assist Busisiwe can contacted her at 072 337 0364.