Sobusiso (meaning Blessing) has been blessed with a unique voice that stand out even when he is singing with others in choir.

The 21 years old who is also physically disabled is a member of House of Praise Choir.

According to him, he became well known for his tenor voice when he was still singing for Abakhethwa baka Jehova.

Even though he was raised by a loving family, the Embalenhle singer believes more still needs to be done to support people with disability.

“I sometimes feel the people living with disability gets rejected by the community and are sometimes not taken serious. There are thing we are able to do, even though we might be slow sometimes, but people should learn to be patient and supportive,” said Sibusiso.

Sibusiso began to sing at a very young age and what inspires him is to see people gets shocked when they hear his voice for the first time.

“At home they always encouraged me to go for the auditions so that maybe someone will notice my talent. I also love to sing in a choir because that is where I feel comfortable and also get lots of support from other members,” Sibusiso added.

According to Sibusiso, his choir also needs sponsors so that they are able to record an album.

Most of the members are unemployed hence they do not have money to record an album.

During the interview Sibusiso also slammed the politicians for making unfulfilled promises.