Byline: Kelebogile Masemola

14 July 2022

The Tshwane Metro Police Department has launched a new cable theft unit hotline and urged residents to make use of it in an attempt to control cable theft.

The walk-in client service centre is based at the Sanab building on the corner of Frederika Street and Johan Heyns Drive in Gezina, Tshwane.

Cable theft is a crucial issue in the city and results to constant and prolonged power outages.

These outages can last up to 20 hours to permit metro workers to fix or replace the stolen cables.

This, combined with load-shedding, has given rise to major financial setbacks for numerous residents and local businesses.

Soshanguve resident Suzan Nkambule said the situation has been extremely stressful and has affected her salon business in a negative way.

“I lose customers on a daily basis because in my area the power is always off, the situation has worsened since the winter season.

We have load shedding but the electricity does not come back on time, the issue is always cable theft.

I am always stressed because I have to pay rent for my salon but where do I get the money when I lose my customers on a daily basis,” said Nkambule.

The latest rise in cable theft and vandalism remains a concern for the metro.

“The City is committed to tackling the vandalism of city infrastructure and has established a cable theft unit within the TMPD.

This unit has been working around the clock by ramping up patrols in various areas where the scourge of cable theft is most prevalent,” said TMPD in a statement.

The unit has also conducted operations with other law enforcement agencies to address this problem.

“Arrests have been made and cables amounting to R1, 5-million in value have been recovered recently.”

To report cable theft, call the hotline on 012 358 1550.

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