Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

12 July 2023

A 29-year-old female alleges that she hitchhiked with another woman at Leslie near Engine garage where they got robbed of their personal belongings on Tuesday, 11 July 2023 in the morning at about 8h45.

The two (2) women alleged that a white Audi A3 stopped as they were hitchhiking towards Kinross and there were three (3) people occupants in the car, with one woman on the passenger seat, a male driver and one male passenger at the back seat.

 As the two (2) women got inside the car, they allegedly  noticed nothing suspicious about the  occupants  as they had laptop bags which showed they could also be heading to work.

As they approached the fence line being built just after Leslie, one man told them that in actual fact they were at work and, curiously, the two women asked what kind of work they were doing.

The one seated at the back  responded by saying, they robbed people of their belongings and also hijacked. 

They then drew a firearm asking them to open their phones and banking apps, thereby transferring all the amount they had. 

They then took all their belongings, including cash they had and their cell phones.

The robbers managed to flee with the total amount of R900.00 and two cell phones from both victims.

The two victims were rescued by a farmer at a farm near Ethokomala Special School who found them tied to a tree.

The farm owner then took the victims to Kinross police station where they opened a case and the police promised to make a road block in search of the white Audi A3.

The very same Audi is said to have continued to rob three other females who were hitchhiking to Secunda. They were robbed of a total amount of R1480.00 which they alleged  was their grant money and cellphones at about 09h15.