Byline: Andani Matumba

01 August 2022

A nine-month-old baby died at Marikana, Ext 33 in Kinross following a house fire which broke-out at around 5h00 on Friday morning, 29 July 2022.

According to information received the mother of the child drops her baby at the nanny’s house when she goes to work, as was the case on that fateful morning.

It is stated that the neighbours were woken up by the noise of people calling for help in putting out the fire.

The nanny called the firefighters department but unfortunately, the child was already burned to death by the time they arrived.

Community members of Ext 33 said they are puzzled about how the nanny was able to rush outside to save her own life but failed to pick up a nine-month-old baby.

They further stated that the nanny alleged that she tried to pick the baby up but the baby fell down and she could not see due to the smoke in the house, however upon inspection of the scene, the tiny lifeless body of the baby is said to have been found sleeping in a straight position which raises the suspicion of the fact that the baby could have been murdered before the fire broke.

Stg Jaco Nagel, Communications Spokesperson at Kinross SAPS confirmed the incident.

Nagel said the police received a call at about 7h30 in the morning and when they arrived, the fire had already been put out.

“According to the death notice, the baby was a male aged between 6 – 9 months and was burned to ashes.”

Kinross police have received a statement from the nanny and further investigation shall be conducted in this matter.