Miss Teen Unity South Africa and First Princess of Miss Valentine 2019, Nontuthukoyesizwe Maseko established ‘Help A Girl Child’ sanitary towels campaign to help her peers.
“Sanitary pads are not a ‘NICE TO HAVE’, they are necessary to every single menstruating school girl,” said Nontu who is also a learner at Osizweni Secondary School.
According to Nontuthukoyesizwe, thousands of school girls cannot afford them.
Monthly support grant is not enough to cater for all the girls needs.
As a result a number of girls miss school every month.
The absenteeism from school affects them in a bigger way and their contribution to the future economic development of the country, since some end up not getting good marks and add to the number of unemployable youth.
“This will be another way of reducing school absenteeism and ensure that girls get treated with respect,” Nontu concluded.
If you want to be part of the campaign or donate sanitary towels, do not hesitate to contact Nontu at 0833807286.