According to Embalenhle Police Spokesperson, Const Busi Mthethwa the car hijacking in Embalenhle becomes a serious concern.

“They are currently happening randomly and they do not have specific target, but take any car,” said Const Mthethwa.

One of the car hijackings was said to have happed on Wednesday 31 July, whereby the complainant parked his car in front of the gate, leaving the car engine running while he opened the gate.

Two unknown men appeared from nowhere and pointed him with a gun. They tried to open the boot of the car so that they can put him inside, but the boot could not open.

The complainant was reportedly shot at the leg while trying to run away and the suspects managed to flee with his black BMW.

On another incident that happened on Thursday, 1 August the victim was sitting and chatting with his friend inside the car when they immediately heard the back doors of the car opened.

Before they could even make sense of what was happening, two unknown men were already in the car forcing them to jump to the back seat.

They cooperated and the suspects drove with them to Ext 14 cemetery where they dumped them and took off with the vehicle.

One victim was tied with shoe laces and the other with electrical wires.