Phomello Football Academy hosted soccer day at Ermelo Swanepoel stadium recently. 

The event was attended by around 80 kids. 

“We shared our training programs and also had a match with a local team. 

This was to prepare the team for upcoming youth tournaments in August,” said Rowan Moeketsi who is the brain child behind Phomello Football Academy. 

According to Moeketsi, the academy aims to focus on football development, 

development of technical skills, understanding of tactics and game situations, match analysis and playing strategies, position specific analysis and comparison of individual player qualities.

Human Performance development of athletics performance, strength and 

conditioning, prevention of injuries and development of talent.

Players recruitment and pathways.

The academy was founded in 2015 with the purpose of football development and also assisting with exposure in the elite football. 

“With the five areas into helping soccer players to understand the areas of performance in football development and the proper football development, that is one of our focus area and it becomes easier for our players to fit in the elite football. 

“We have partnered with different youth clubs in various townships to help with our football curriculum. 

With Bethal and Ermelo as part of the Phomello Football Academy Centers, we are working hard in expanding our brand into a bigger football image,” added Moeketsi. 

The academy is based in Bethal, Emzinoni.

To get more information or partner with the Phomello Football Academy , one can contact Moeketsi at 0795613734